[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n early morning surfcheck with Bruce Gold, that’s life as good as it gets. It turned out to be an memorable day. LiveTheLife team rider Dr. Kurt Mariano got a huge barrel @ boneyards, the one and only Bruce Gold got a few bombs @ supers and broke the very special Country Feeling board , the one that Jeff Bushman delivered here @ J-Bay Surf View, I think 2 years ago, and that has been BG’s favorite board ever since … Oh yeah and I paddled out with my 7’10 Spowy mini-gun, feeling way overdressed but thinking it might help me with the 40+ crowd @ inside point, when I duckdived the 1st set @ outside point, way outside actually, sitting all alone, I no longer felt overdressed. Got a few good ones. Anyway what started as a super mellow early morning with a lot of gold, ended with “more fire”, a classic braai with Maarten & his parents who drove all the way from Belgium to SA, bought a Rebel board in J-Bay and went for a session just before dark. Maarten asked me if he could do some work for LTL. What also made my day was Steven inviting me to supers, he already did it once on facebook, maybe a year ago, this time I might take him up on that offer. Word on the street was that Deon was getting some of the deepest barrels, as always, but this time he was wearing a GoPro. I hope watching Deon’s footage will not scare me from taking up Steven’s offer. A 20 foot SW swell, 16 seconds and some devils wind are not always play & go. There’s a price to pay. Call it the entree fee.